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  [wire] stone   principal ux architect for [wire] stone, executive director of seattle, microsoft mvp, conspirator for vnext.org, and general uber alpha geek and lead koolaide drinker and mucker upper of the bits.
my work tends to be lots of hacking of the xaml related, user experience design, ia (information architecture like wireframes/sketchflow), phone 7 and gets into things like windows 8, wpf, silverlight, touch walls, ardiunos, sensors, kiosks and robotic's. i have been mucking about with computers and technology since the days of vic 20's and trs80's and my first dream computer was a timex sinclair.
i'm interested in everything technology related but especially user experience, human machine interfaces, technology futurist topics, robotics plus other more esoteric topics from history to religion and space and of course my children.
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